Read the story and fill in the blanks. PLANETS

7.sınıf İngilizce dersi için verilen PLANETS sorularından birisi. Soru şu şekilde:

  • Read the story and fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs in the box. be(2), walk, pick, open, hear, take, see, feel, come, get, shut, say, sit (gezegenler boşluk doldurma, geçmiş zaman, İngilizce ) 7.sınıf İngilizce pasifik yayınları çalışma kitabı 58. Sayfa 5.etkinlik

Eric walked up into the space craft. He knew it was dangerous, but he was curious. Inside he felt strange. He was in a large room. He saw wonderful different colours dancing on the walls. On the floor, there were some small shiny disks. They gave out a weak light. He wanted to pick up one and a strange creature appeared. It was not a human, it was not an animal. The figure held out a lot of pieces of glass and Eric took one. He asked: “Who are you?” The figure said nothing. Suddenly the door of the space craft shut and moved upwards into the sky. He thought “I will never see my family, friends, even the Earth again.” He began to feel panic. The figure came closer, pointed to a door and signalled Eric to follow. As they approached the door, he heard a loud knock. The door opened and Eric heard his mother’s voice: “Wake up! It is time to get up! Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes!” Eric opened his eyes, sat up in the bed and started to smile. He got out of the bed, pulled back the blankets and heard something fall to the floor. He picked up a small blue disk. He wondered: “Where did it come from?”

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