Talk to your friend about writing a report or an advertisement

7.sınıf İngilizce dersi için verilen ENVIRONMENT sorularından birisi. Soru şu şekilde:

  • Work in pairs. Talk to your friend about writing a report or an advertisement. Give instructions about what to do. (yazacağınız rapor hakkında arkadaşınızla konuşun, Çevreyle ilgili İngilizce diyalog) 7.sınıf İngilizce pasifik yayınları ders kitabı 113. Sayfa 15. etkinlik

– Let’s prepare a report about air pollution.

– Ok. Firstly, you should search on internet about this and read articles.

– Secondly, you should find factory and car photographs. Because those are polluted the air.

– Than, we can paste all of this on a big paper.

  • Write a short report or an advertisement about environmental issues. (çevre sorunları ile ilgili kısa bir rapor veya duyuru yazınız)

Human activity such as factory chimney, cars and Chemical substance generate air pollution. When people burned wood or coal to warm, it gives out smoke. Air pollution may cause harm to animals, food crops and diseases or death in humans. We must do something to stop air pollution. Firstly, we have to start using public transportation. So, car’s exhaust smoke can be decrease on the air. Also We have to stop destroying forests and we must plant trees.

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