Who do you usually go shopping with?

7.sınıf İngilizce dersi için verilen PUBLIC BUILDINGS sorularından birisi. Soru şu şekilde:

  • Answer: Who do you usually go shopping with? (alışverişe kiminle gidersiniz?) 7.sınıf İngilizce pasifik yayınları ders kitabı 99. Sayfa 12. etkinlik

– I usually go shopping with my mother.

  • Why does Mel want to go to the new shopping mail?

– Because there is a big sale.

  • Read the dialogue again. Which notice did Mel see? Which notice did Andrew talk about? Choose and write the names.

– Mel: Discount, Sale up to 50%

– Andrew: Buy 1, get 1 free.

  • Complete these sentences with a word / expression from the text.

There are a lot of Stores in a shopping mall.

I bought two pairs of shoes because they were on sale.

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